Nearing Ten Thousand Words!

9147 now...and having fun meeting other people doing this odd project at Write Ins, while my own work is feeling like shoveling gravel into a bottomless pit. Ah well, for once numbers (my word count) are more entrancing than words. That's a first.

How Writing Works on NanoWriMo

Word Count: 7611.

Forcing my hand to the keyboard seems to be working. The deadline and need to follow through on the Nano commitment are making me write every day, and in those sessions I'm not judging and second guessing everything I think of to write. I'm just starting to type, no matter what.

The pattern of my work quality in this setting seems to be:

OK beginning
Boring repetitive crap for a while
Better stuff
One or two really hot cracking pages. Really, really good stuff.

Then I stop.

I'm aware when reading and seeing this pattern that I want it all to be like the last bit...to pop off the page. A good novel should be like a blow to the head, someone said. I've clearly had too many blows to the head to remember who.

But I guess I've not had TOO many to see that trying to put everything down as good as how good it will eventually be has been slowing dreadfully my progress. A project like Nano has come along to show me that, and I intend to keep that lesson tatooed on my brain even after this month ends.

Because just as heartbreaking as writing a crap novel would be, never finishing would be even worse.


4411: the good news

With a little socializing thrown in, at a write-in with other Nanos in SF, I'm up to 4411!


Word Up: 2994

Two days of Nanoing and I'm close to 3000 words. Hoping to do more later, and hit up a write-in in San Francisco tomorrow.

The tenor and pace of the writing is really changed with the volume being paramount and deadline looming. I'm not doing what I usually do, the tinkering and fixing of the previous piece, and that is pushing me to go further faster. It's good. I'm also making handwritten notes for ideas on what to write on when I get the BIC (butt in chair). Stockpiling these notes makes me feel surer that when I do sit, I'll be able to do it and not stall around.

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to start writing a novel this way, but getting into a current project and getting it up to speed and a greater volume works well, for me.


NaNoWriMo: One More Signed Up

Exciting news: I've signed up for NaNoWriMo, a free way to get writing done by being cajoled and encouraged by a bunch of other people trying to get writing done. And it's already working! I'm back off to it now...but I'll be posting my word counts here and am going to try to set up one of those word counter dealies too.