award winning poetry found here?

Dear Largely Silent and Possibly Non-existent Audience:

My poem has been nominated by the Rose and Thorn magazine for a Best of The Web award! Dang. If chosen, the poem would appear in the Best of The Web anthology put out by Sundress Press found at http://sundress.net/. They have also invited me to record a podcast of the poem, "Letter to Steven, from a Blizzard" for their poetry podcast archives.

This is the link to the poem in question, which has appeared in this space before, under the post name Cool Breeze.


Just thought I'd whisper this good news into the quiet night.



Madeleine said...

kaitlyn, just read your poem and enjoyed it muchly. and i bookmarked you onto my bookmark bar. so i will be checking in from time to time. lotsa luv and keep writin'.

kuup said...

i do not believe you are tellin' to the wind-
lest i be... said wind, winded!

i do not know the reasons for sure; fear; solitude; new york...
but (as a fellow young author, albeit of the aspiring kind) i've been following your blog for quite a times now (don't ask how i came upon it, no reason to, not reasonable how).

hope, it seems, is the theme du jour, no?

kuup said...

kf g-

i've followed your (posted) writings in secrecy and disguise for quite a time, ghosts risen from across our binding continental mass as i nervously take inaugural flight (or, is it fatal plunge?): the left wing is a first novel, the not so left impossibly collected poetry, impossibly wing at all.

no, it would not be unfair to claim your words have provided a quaint measure of comfort and guidance throughout, albeit among compulsory bouts of paralysis, delirium, and dread.

so you see, while positively quiet, some of us do exist, lurk in wait on soils you've prowled.

ox ox.


Elizabeth said...


I just finished a letter to you (yes, the paper kind) and had to Google you in hopes of finding your live address (no luck, btw, you may be happy to know), because I've mislaid my address book. In any case..wow! It's good to see this here. I'm enjoying your writing, want to see more. Hoping you are well. Letter will be in the mail as soon as I find the dang book...

Love to you!