How Much I Want to be Rejected: A 2008 Goal

Big News: Taking a page from Chris Offutt, my goal for 2008 (yes, March is when I get around to making my resolutions) is to collect 100 rejections.

I'm not into punishment, but if I send out 100 submissions between now and the end of the year, what I'll get is not punished, but rewarded. As in: 100 submissions requires time and energy put into existing unfinished pieces, existing pieces in limbo, and pieces that are nary more than a twinkle in my eye or scribbles in my notebook.

And that is rewarding, since writing is what I want and need to do, period.

Rejection-weary readers may argue: 100 submissions does not 100 rejections make. IOW, some folks just don't get back to you. For, like maaaany months. It might be 2009 before some of these chickens come home to roost.

True, true. My fave portal for submissions, Duotrope.com, tracks the response times of all its many magazines, both print and online, and it ain't pretty. "390 days average" and like that. So, I'll weigh in that factor.

The optimists among you may argue: well, what if you get some acceptances, then what, huh? You'll have failed. Yes, it's true, some acceptances will put me off my ultimate goal of 100 rejections. But I'll weather the storm of publication well, I trust, and keep sending work out.

So far, the number is TWO. Stay tuned for news of my continued rejection.

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