put down the mickey's. pick up the pen.

M'kay people: I know it's summer and the sun is sunny and you're drinking good things that make working seem funny, but at the risk of sounding like I should be wearing pom poms on my hands (never been there), YOU yes you can win get petty: the contest. Know why? Because you my friend will be one of only a few entries. So do as the post title says and git writin.

What could be better than penning a stunning l'il entry and giving it flight, only to receive the best news a writer can: you're better than all those other stinkin writers, so there! You're triumphant! You're higher than high! And it's not the Mickey's! It's your fabulous brain and heart and mind. In your FACE, pathetic other writers, you sneer. Ha ha. I crush you! I step on your pens! My pen is king. King Pen! Like in Spiderman! You shave your head and gain 325 pounds and buy a velvet dinner jacket. You're a criminal mastermind.

Who knows what great things might come from one success? Who can guess? I'll be waiting eagerly for your entries.

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