Contest news: entries are in and I'm thrilled to have the little stash of stories to go through, like when you have that fat wad of monopoly money (all the 500's on the bottom) and are just starting to buy hotels. So exciting.

Other news: just reread a story by Richard Bausch, a writer I had a lot of fun with (a great storyteller) at a writing conference a couple years back. The story is called "No One in Hollywood", and even though I remembered the central event, it still made me gasp when I read it, laying in the bathtub with the curtains drawn. I love that.

Other other news: I haven't had a lot of time to write during summer school, but work is slowing up come next week, and I have two or three voices nagging in my ear. Nicely, I haven't felt bad for not writing, just happy looking forward to when I can get back there. One lesson learned: I pitched an article to the local weekly paper, and they were interested. Catch was I hadn't written it yet. Soooo, I tried to get time and it's about half way done, but I suspect their interest in it is all the way done. Silly me. First write the thing, then try and sell it. I'll try to remember that order in future.

The poem that came out in the Rose and Thorn was a nice little sweet treat this summer. I'm interested that it wasn't a bigger deal for me, and I think that's because I don't write much poetry now, so it's not the genre closest to my heart anymore, and because I went through a spell a while back where I was a bit bothered by all the "no, thanks" notes I was getting. Dispiriting, sometimes, but I'm on to other spells now, and ain't that just the way.

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Chris said...

But when? When will they be posted? I want to read all the entries. Please, please, please post them soon.