novel written in the time it takes to apply sunscreen

Or one could be.
Anyone itching to be the inventor of the century should focus their creative merchandising on the application of sunscreen, at present a gooey and tedious task that almost everyone engages in. Some strides have been taken in the children's application field (the 'sticks' for the face are excellent), but very little has been done in the way of innovation for the adult sunscreen putter onner. So while you're waiting to hear about the result of get petty: the contest, or while you're waiting until the next time you have to spend 20 minutes putting white paste all over your body, send me some solutions. A bath? A pill? There's gotta be a better way.

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strugglingwriter said...

I agree. It is even harder to put sunscreen on a toddler. Their little hands and arms are so good at deflecting the sunscreen. Also not fun to do when sand is nearby.