get petty: the contest

For a while now I've toyed with the idea of hosting a contest series in this space, wherein all entries needs must begin with the same first line, which is the first line of a designated Tom Petty song.

Said contest is now on.

My reasons are not complex. The mind casts about restlessly for means to express the admiration one feels for Mr. Petty. This is but a meager effort to sing his praises to the masses, as if they needed singing.

Also, I don't sing. Also, to quote Dr. Seuss, these things are fun, and fun is good.

So here's the scratch on get petty, the contest:

rules: all entries must begin with the following text: "You think you're gonna take her away, with your money and your cocaine."

length: 500 words max

deadline: midnight, july 17 07

genre: any

hints: be inventive. edit mercilessly. surprise me. have a spanking good time.

winning: one winner and a few honorable mentions will be announced and posted on the blog by july 24 at the very latest.

other rules: this contest is judged by me and is totally subject to my tastes, blah blah. the moon topples is a blog that runs excellent contests and he has a bunch of highly developed rules, so if you need more rules, you can go and read his.

Send your entry as a comment to this post by the deadline.


strugglingwriter said...

Great contest. I hope you get a lot of entries. I posted this on my blog as well. Oh, and this doesn't count as my entry, right?

caveblogem said...

A hard contest, 'cause every time I start with that phrase, my brain immediately launches into the rest of the song. Here's how much I idolize Mr. Petty: When I was a young rocker I didn't want to be Tom Petty. I wanted to be Benmont Tench, so that I could just be on stage with Tom and hang out with him.

Saw a concert of his in California once (Mountain Air, 1983 or so) and I have never seen any person with such control over the mood of a crowd and such broad appeal.

Anonymous said...

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