poem finds home

Youse readers whatre writers too might give a little yahoo: a poem I sent to The Rose & Thorn magazine has been plucked from the piles for publication: "Letter to Steven, From a Blizzard" will appear in their Summer 2007 edition.

I got this news sitting in a cafe on a small square in the walled city of St. Malo, on the northwest coast of France. A block west the Atlantic tossed its blue tresses against the ramparts, built in the year 1000. Beside me sat a steaming cafe creme, and behind me my girls made messes of their chocolat chaud and their father lapped up his own cafe creme to the familiar strains of the one and only B. Marley, which confirms my theory that it's just when our bowls are full of pudding that the cake is served.

The news was lovely, and learning it where I did gave it a flavor I'll savor for a while.

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strugglingwriter said...

Great news. I'm so glad to hear this.