goodlist, badlist: a little update on the writing

Having strayed momentarily from the subject of this blog to expose my tastes music wise to the masses, I now must quickly return, and give a writing update.

By the way, this isn't writing. Neither is reading other people's writing, and neither is googling my writing school classmates to see if they're writing, or what they're doing, and reading their writing online, if they're writing, and if their writing is online.

This is fun and practice, but not writing. Just to let you know.


The novel is still on the good list, but I haven't touched it in a few weeks. But I still like it. Goodlist.

The story that is "done" and that I'm onehundredthousandpercent sick of reading is still on my desk. Something's wrong, and I don't know what yet, so I haven't sent it out yet. Badlist.

A poem, "Letter to Steven, from a blizzard" will appear in The Rose & Thorn's Summer issue, in July. Wootwootlist.

The story that I have just started is awesome and I love writing it. Superduperlist.

So, bye. After all the above listed timewasting, I'm going to do the work. Goodlist.

Exciting PS: stay tuned to this space for a thrilling new contest soon to be announced. Sharpen your pencils:::


strugglingwriter said...

Ooh, a contest - goodlist! Let me know and I will promote it on my blog. Also, congratulations on the poem.

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