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Up and Down Date:

Been hacking away at a story and continuing at a trickle on the novel, but won't (there's just no way) make the deadline for a first draft by the time we jet out for three weeks on 5/15. 'Salright. The last year has seen more continuous progress in my writing work than in many years previous, so I'm good with it.

The story is a trip: started as a nothing much happens but has a great strong character voice story (my speciality), then morphed into a dark revenge tale where something really DOES happen (gasp). This is good. The trippy part is that in the first version, she had one reaction to seeing another character, and in the last version, her motivation is different so her reaction is different, and I've had a hecka hard time taking out the first parts. Not because I'm so enamored of 'em, either. It's like I can't see them, because I've read the silly thing too many times. I'm both sick of it and blind to it.

So, put it away for a while, you say. Work on something else. We'll, I don't want to! I'm excited about bringing the story to this new place. I'm excited about finishing it, having it be a whole thing, not just Frankenstory of the Many Versions, about sending it out, feeling hopeful. I'm excited about someone reading it and liking it, and feeling the same way about it myself.

Despite missing the self made deadline, I will be taking the novel with me on our trip. We're not taking any screens, so I'll print out the whole document, grab a couple of pencils and be off. I'll be seeing you, and vice versa, before then though.

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