i've got it

Tonight as we trailed in from a just perfectly sunny and still spring day at (get this name) Heart's Desire beach, I get it: my first breath of warm evening air. The sun is down, the grass is cool, but the air is warm.

It's thrilling, as it shoots me forward three months: all those evenings in the yard after dinner in that air, all those muddy then dusty kids' feet to clean off, shorts and lemonade and rides through town on the bikes to get ice cream.

At the beach I was telling my niece and nephew about the novel, and my deadline, of May 15. May 15?? Eek. But then, I felt excited, like I felt breathing the warm spring evening air. It's a pleasure, a pleasure to have this arduous task. It excites me, and I can see it, like I can see the evenings spread before us in the coming months.

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strugglingwriter said...

Nice post. I've already noticed daylight savings time's effects on my moods. There is something about it being 6:30 and still having daylight. It reminds me of the Spring to come. I love it!