novelution: fighting for it

The first riffs of panic are reverbing inside me.

With the onslaught of a new semester, time to write the novel is slipping away. My schedule is still forming, and as it does I'm fighting for a time I can set aside to write.

No suprise: time to write must be built in to my schedule, a permanent block that I attend without question or fail. Any writer will tell you that otherwise, it doesn't get done. On-the-fly doesn't cut it.

I'm still having flashes, making notes, writing dialog in my little b.b. It doesn't feel delicate, elusive. But if I don't get back to it, I'm afraid I'll lose my fluency in the language of the idea.

So I'm pushing, massaging, bullying my time until it says Uncle, says Uncle.


mary said...

I get it. I feel the same a lot of the time, but I won't let you stop. Must-keep-going. I have so much faith in your book already, I will keep pushing you. 'Til Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

I, on the other hand, know that you will.