the high dive

During the warm months, I swim laps at a local pool. To take my mind off the pain while doing so last summer, I started batting around an idea for a novel. The idea was exciting. Each time I swam, I put my mind to the idea, like dialing in to a staticy radio station that occasionally plays great songs. Damp and chlorinated, I made notes in the changing room or sitting in the empty parking lot. The notes became pages of bullet points and arrows, smudged and dappled with drips.

Today, I began it in earnest.

Terrifying and thrilling, the start of a novel is the high dive for writers--I feel the chilly breeze of anticipation as I grip the cold rungs of the ladder leading upward, knowing that at the top, only my balance and will can bring me into the air.


kugar88821 said...
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mary said...

A powerful analogy...gorgeous. Thank you for putting to words what it is for a writer to take on a novel. It is the seconds that seem to go on and on, standing on that precipice...before the jump.
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Bil Brown said...


Anonymous said...

Screaming the night away
With his great wing feathers
Swooping the darkness up;
I hear the eagle bird
Pulling the blanket back
Off from the eastern sky.
(Iroquois song)